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Increased Genocide of Christians

Arab Spring brings rising genocide of Christians

On March 12, 2012, Saudi Arabia banned Christianity, and the Grand Mufti — Saudi Arabia’s highest Islamic authority – issued a “fatwa” to destroy all churches on the Arabian Peninsula. There should be a global outcry over this persecution, but the world’s silence has been deafening!

There is a rising genocide of Christians in the Islamic world that ought to provoke global alarm. Vicious attacks are happening on Christians because of their religion in a number of countries like Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Pakistan. Islamic radicals have bombed many churches in Nigeria, Iraq and Egypt costing thousands of lives.

Christian churches are being burned and blown up. Christian clergy are being murdered. Christians are harrassed, discriminated against, beaten, and killed. Young Christian women are kidnapped from their villages to be converted and married off to older Muslim men.

Why? For 40 years, Middle East Christians lived under the protection of long-time dictators. The so-called Arab Spring ended that with the overthrow of regimes like that of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Christians have also become a threat to “sharia” which is becoming the state law in these Middle East countries. This is what the New Testament church faced. Caesar thought he was Lord, but Christians declared that “Jesus is Lord.” Caesar saw this declaration by early believers as a threat to the state and to his reign and, hence, persecuted and killed many Christians.

The West and the Obama administration will not even condemn this slaughter against Christians. They should be taking action by using financial and diplomatic pressure against offending countries. Unfortunately, their silence gives a green light to the perpetrators that it is alright to continue conducting a war against Christians. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refuses to add the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram to the official list of terrorist organizations.

Visit our website:  www.embassyforpeace.org


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