Your Eyes and Ears at the Nation's Capital

Why are we arming the enemy?

While president, Barack Obama has fueled Islamic revolutions called the Arab Spring, armed terrorists, and given U.S. fighter jets and tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

We are now watching the Obama administration’s foreign policy imploding……with 19 embassies under threat in the Middle East it appears al-Qaida has the U.S. on the run! Why? The Obama administration has been sending weapons to the Syrian rebel army through Libya.

With President Obama’s Sunni agenda, Benghazi and CIA gun running to al-Qaida rebels, the president has drawn a line in the sand to which sides we are taking for the next world war. With the controlled and calculated fires of the IRS and NSA scandal keeping them distracted and clueless, a catastrophic wildfire builds. World War III appears ready to ignite, and the Benghazi blazes were simply the match.

There is no justification for arming jihadists, but what can we do? We must speak loudly to our representatives in Washington, DC.

In the 2011 Arab Spring, President Barack Obama supported the Sunnis who ousted evil dictators from countries such as Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya. It appeared to be pro-democracy freedom-fighting at its finest. It wasn’t. The overthrown governments were quickly replaced with Muslim-Brotherhood-aligned, Sunni Islamic theocracies. And the next country on the list for overthrow was Syria. But unlike the easier targets of Mubarak, Ben Ali, and Gaddafi, Shiite Syrian leader Bashar Assad has the powerful allies of Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia.

Benghazi was used to dispatch weapons to enflame the Assad resistors

World leaders understand that a war with Syria is a war with Russia. If Americans knew what really happened, if the mainstream media uncovered and exposed Obama and his Sunni agenda, Obama would not be the current American president, but a prosecuted American citizen. If his deep orchestration and support of the Arab Spring, including Syria were to be revealed, President Obama would finally be held accountable for his actions. If it became public knowledge that – while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was ignoring the safety of her American Ambassador Christopher Stevens, she was ordering that all of Stevens’ classified information in Tripoli be destroyed – then Ms. Clinton’s presidential aspirations might be in jeopardy.

Read more…….A former Muslim Brotherhood member tells us what the government won’t about the terror attack in Benghazi!

Pray Proverbs 19:21,  “There are many plans in a man’s heart, Nevertheless the Lord’s counsel—that will stand.”

Visit our Website:  www.embassyforworldpeace.org


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