Your Eyes and Ears at the Nation's Capital

Praying God’s Will in World Affairs

We know too much about what we want and too little about what God wants. Our prayers are aborted when they are not according to His will. Daniel prayed the right way. First, he went to the Scriptures and searched out the mind of God. Then, after receiving clear direction, and was sure of God’s will, he ran to God’s throne with a mighty assurance. “And I set my face unto the Lord God, to seek by prayer” (Daniel 9:3).

Do not lose heart while the Middle East seems in endless turmoil. Be reminded afresh that it is God who is sitting on the throne and is actively working out His purposes! He is faithful in all His words and holy in all His works. Trust Him now, for it is God who has everything under control!

The glory of the Lord will eventually be seen in the salvation of the nation of Israel. The promised Messiah will eventually come from heaven and restore justice in the earth. True godly peace, harmony and prosperity will eventually come and will be experienced by the nations under King Jesus, who will be sitting on the Davidic throne in Jerusalem (Jeremiah 3:17; Zechariah 14:16; Psalm 47). This is the direction where the world is going!

The Bible says God sends out His command and it rains or snows or the winds blow or it is hot. All of this is under His fresh word, which He sends out again and again (Psalm 147:15-18). We also are told He has set angels in control of the four winds of the earth (Revelation 7:1). So He is in full control of nature at all times!

Keep on interceding for Israel and the surrounding nations and lift up again and again the hearts of the leaders of the nations to the throne room of Jehovah! We have been commanded to do so (1 Timothy 2:1-6). Even though we do not understand everything, let us trust in Him!

Trust God’s word. The holy prophets of old – Moses, Jeremiah, Ezekiel – carried the word of the LORD in their mouths that fully controlled both the destinies of Israel and of surrounding nations. The New Testament also affirms that truly it is God Himself who has determined the pre-appointed times and the boundaries of all the nations (Acts 17:26).

By Ruth Schofield

Visit our Website: http://www.embassyforworldpeace.org


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