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Fed-Common Core Education can, and must be stopped!

The Family Research Council has launched a national campaign warning about the pitfalls of Common Core Education. The following has been excerpted from Tony Perkins commentary: (Tony Perkins is the president of Family Research Council, Wash. DC.)

In just a few short weeks, millions of American students will head back to school. You should be very concerned about the spreading, hidden nightmare facing them in school today: public schools, private, religious, even home schools. I’m not talking about bullies, playground predators, or school violence; I’m referring to . . .Common Core which was originally an effort by the National Governors Association (NGA) to create national standards and tests to unify what children are taught in school. These standards were adopted by 45 states. Seems harmless enough, right? Wrong!

Since it’s been hijacked by the Obama administration, Common Core has all the earmarks of the President’s other power grabs: attacks on religious values and freedoms; central control; secrecy; skyrocketing costs; and catastrophic ineptitude. It essentially takes away the rights of parents and local communities to direct their children’s education and puts it under the control of an ever-expanding federal bureaucracy.

Common Core can — and must — be stopped!

If Common Core is allowed to take control of America’s educational system, we can foresee a nation where children are indoctrinated with a liberal ideology that celebrates sexual perversion, worships the creation rather than the Creator, all at the expense of academic achievement and our nation’s Christian heritage.

All indications are that the standards imposed by Common Core will actually hamper education rather than improve it. Common Core opens education to even more propaganda in class than we are experiencing today. Its “one-size-fits-all” approach not only eliminates more advanced material, but also makes it difficult for teachers to teach students individually. Typical of other liberal programs, rather than raise up underperformers, Common Core will lower standards of higher-performing states in order to “level the playing field.”

No one will be exempt.

The future of America’s children is at stake. As Christian citizens, we must never relinquish the education of our children to the federal government, which already has an abysmal track record wherever it has inserted itself.

In the past, parents concerned about what is being taught in the public schools could always resort to private schools or home schooling. Not anymore! The Common Core standards will impact charter schools, parochial schools, and even parents who teach their children at home.

Here’s what you can do.

First, get informed. Family Research Council has put together “Ten Reasons Common Core is Wrong for America.” Be sure to share what you’ve learned with other parents.

Second, find out what your school district’s Common Core policies are and voice your objections at school board meetings.

Third, contact your state and federal legislators and governor. Tell them you think that Common Core will make American education worse, not better.

Source: www.frc.org

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