Your Eyes and Ears at the Nation's Capital

What can Christians do in today’s cultural atmosphere?

You will often come across people who are hoping for another Ronald Reagan in the political sphere, or a Martin Luther King in the social arena. Unfortunately, today’s media, political, and cultural atmosphere focus on tearing down righteous reformers when they appear on the scene. We have progressed to an age of time when a great number of people “call evil good, and good evil.” Where do we find justice? We have learned in this decade, if we seek to see the culture change through the court system, we cannot expect the Judicial Branch to always make the right decisions.

The influence of the Church which is practicing a biblical worldview, is more sorely needed than ever. We are experiencing a world that is operating apart from God – which  is breaking down. Our view of reality is changing. We have a crisis of values that needs to be challenged.

  • The Judicial Branch, not God-given revelation, is shaping and guiding our sense of right and wrong.
  • The government’s educational system, not the family, is shaping values and socializing our children.
  • The secular media, not the church, are forging our sense of identity and community.

The Church needs to have a stronger influence on how people think about society from a Biblical perspective. This will help people work toward the consistency and agreement with the ideals of God. The Biblical view for society is the key for  transformation which will affect the overall culture. Daniel is a perfect example of a God-led man influencing the rulers in the evil Babylonian empire. Although it is hard to find hope arising from the political and social streams, authentic hope is in Christ, and that’s the message Christians should communicate first.

In today’s Church, leaders have to urge their members to register to vote. Polls show that only half of the evangelicals that are registered to vote actually do vote. Even though Christians are responsible for determining the political environment, they are also challenged to change hearts and minds in this country. Without a Biblical worldview a moral society will implode. The Late Dr. Bill Bright trumpeted the message of the Christian’s duty to society. The Christian’s presence in society and government is the salt and light which preserve our basic freedoms. Still, the American dream is apparently eroding, and we must ask: Has the modern-day Church sufficiently evangelized and influenced its society?

The real hope for today’s society is expressed through the lives of Christians who are willing to become salt and light, and be a witness for Christ within their sphere of life.

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