Your Eyes and Ears at the Nation's Capital

America’s Nineveh Hour!

America still has a window of opportunity to stand in the gap to spare the nation from severe judgment. The key is to repent of personal and national sins, and the general complacency of the Church. If we are truly going to experience revival, we must look to the pattern the Lord gave us in 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Various threats loom over the nation:

  1. Economic Collapse: Economists have been warning of a planned devaluation of the dollar. (The dollar no longer has gold backing)
  1. Warnings of terrorist attacks larger than 9/11: Nuclear plants are unsecured. The nation’s grid is vulnerable to an EMP attack. Soft targets like schools, malls, and public transportation are at great risk. Large cities are also at high risk, i.e.; Terrorist leaders continue to threaten NYC, and claim they will fly the Muslim flag over the White House.
  1. Natural Disasters: Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, massive fires, etc.

*With a humble, contrite spirit, we repent_____________ Lord, You are merciful and forgiving, even though we have rebelled against You.  But this day we are covered with shame. We pray with a contrite spirit according to 2 Chronicles 7:14. 

We are ashamed and embarrassed to lift up our faces to You, for our iniquities have risen above our heads and our guilt has grown even to the heavens. So now, our God, what shall we say?

  • We have sinned and done wrong. 
  • We have been wicked and have rebelled. 
  • We have turned away from Your commands and Your Word.
  • We have not listened to Your servants the prophets who have warned us.
  • We have not obeyed or kept the laws You have given us.
  • We have rationalized and explained away the evidence of Your greatness that we see in Creation around us.
  • We have suppressed the truth that we were created by You and for You, and have exchanged it for the lie that we are masters of our own fate.
  • We do not glorify You as God, nor give thanks to You, but live our lives as though we have no accountability to You.
  • We have looked to our own strength for salvation and have forgotten Your mighty acts of deliverance in the past.  As though the God of Abraham, Moses, David, and Elijah no longer exist.  Or if You do, You no longer involve Yourself in the affairs of Your people.
  • We confess that our faith in You and Your strength is weak, as though what we face today is beyond Your ability to overcome. Or beneath Your interest to intervene.
  • We confess to pride and arrogance that have determined we must face our enemies in our own strength. That this present darkness will pass without Your intervention.
  • We confess to religious intolerance that condemns those who are not like us.
  • We confess to religious indifference that gives lip service to You, but lacks sincere faith so that our lives are lived and our decisions are made as practical atheists—as though You do not exist.

* (The above prayer is excerpted from Anne Graham Lotz’s prayer for Israel.)

Revival is already stirring in the churches across our nation as God’s people return to him in humility, prayer, hunger and repentance. I believe a national awakening is beginning to dawn. God has heard from heaven; however, we still need millions more who are willing to CRY out with repentance.

Regardless of where you are in your spiritual journey at this moment, I encourage you to go back to God’s requirement. Not because He is obligated to send revival because we follow His word, but because He has promised to do so if and when we do.

Ruth Schofield

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