Your Eyes and Ears at the Nation's Capital

Preserving the Nation and the Church

Defending religious freedom at the U. S. Congress and blowing a trumpet to wake up the watchmen across the nation is vital to our future!!

The Erosion of Christianity Means the Imminent Implosion of America

Revival is the only solution that will spare the nation! We will not see political restoration until we experience a spiritual revival in the Church. We must come to the throne of God for His mercy according to 2 Chronicles 7:13-15, and gather a solemn assembly with the urgent warning from Joel 2:1-11.

The federal government is working to eradicate religion from the military and the public square ….with a deliberate and systematic strategy!

  1. Purging Christianity from the Military

The military today is becoming more hostile to its members expressing religious beliefs, especially military chaplains. Why? We have a military that believes in the constitution and religious freedom, and once you destroy the Judeo-Christian ethic in the military, then it is easy to do the same with the rest of society. As a result, we are losing a lot of well-trained dedicated people in the military; even top notch generals. Now we have Bibles being tossed from Navy lodges, cadets being ordered to erase Scripture from personal white boards, and chaplains hauled before boards of inquiry.

The message to military chaplains is clear: get on board with political correctness or lose your job. Political correctness is also hurting recruiting. No one should be required to check their faith at the door when they go into the military. Every member of the military deserves the right to enjoy the religious liberty they’re fighting to protect.

Members of Congress recently wrote a strong letter to inquire as to the Navy’s enforcement of religious freedom protections for Chaplains and service members like those integrated into the National Defense Authorization Act, and other policies.

  1. Purging Christianity from the Public Square

Religious Freedom has been on the chopping block for six and a half years. Even though the First Amendment, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and other statutory laws protect religious freedom, leading voices in our culture increasingly express the desire to narrow its application, redefining freedom of religion to freedom of “worship.” In this way, they intend to privatize Christianity and confine it within the four walls of a church building. Civil libertarians and others, meanwhile, voice concern that conservative Christians are trying to impose their values on students of all religious stripes. Federal courts, the civil libertarians point out, have consistently interpreted the First Amendment’s prohibition on the establishment of religion to forbid state sponsorship of prayer and most other religious activities in public schools based on the misinterpretation of the separation of church and state, which does not appear in the U. S. Constitution.

Polls show that large numbers of Americans favor looser, not tighter, limits on religion in public schools. According to an August 2006 survey by the Pew Research Center, more than two-thirds of Americans (69%) agree with the notion that “liberals have gone too far in trying to keep religion out of the schools and the government.” A clear majority (58%) favor teaching biblical creationism along with evolution in public schools.

  1. As the Church goes, so goes the nation!

The U. S. Constitution is this nation’s covenant with God. Nevertheless, we have a church that is falling asleep and being silenced by political correctness. In regions of the world where Christians are being killed for their faith, they are calling out the prayer of the Apostle John: “Even so, Lord Jesus, come!” It is different with the church in the West where they are praying for bigger jobs, cars and houses.

The church alone has the solution for the spiritual battle America is facing, but the church needs reformation. Humanistic psychology does not have the solution. The federal government does not have the solution. The real battle is a one-sided view of tolerance that seeks to undermine and restrict any citizen’s right to choose and integrate their faith, values and beliefs.

God is looking for church leaders who will hold up the standard and speak up publicly on behalf of His Name. He is looking for those who will stand up to fight against abortion and defend a culture of life. He is looking for those who will stop the bullies against religious freedom, like the small-town owners of pizzeria’s and bakeries who have been courageous to defend their faith.

  1. Let the church arise, and her enemies be scattered!

A national revival is on God’s agenda. When all of Nineveh repented, Yahweh spared this wicked city, the capital of ancient Assyria, for 148 years. Over 25 years ago, during a time of travail for the nation, the LORD spoke to me, saying that He desires to send a Nineveh-type revival to America. “Even so, Lord Jesus, come!”

A united church that is empowered by the Holy Spirit is armed to stop the eradication of religious freedoms. Government leaders and clergy are beginning to unite together across the nation to collectively say, “Enough! We will not sit idly by and watch our nation’s history and Judeo-Christian heritage be rewritten with a false narrative!

The Church of Jesus Christ has a ‘call’ to stand in the gap like Esther on behalf of America and Israel. Haman has issued a death decree for both nations, and we have a duty before God to take action. America is accountable to keep its covenant with God and to stand with Israel. Otherwise, we have blood on our hands. The LORD spoke this promise to Abraham and his descendants, “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you…..” (Genesis 12:3). We must pray for the leaders of the U. S. to stand by Israel, even when the nations of the world are turning against her. (1 Timothy 2:1-3)

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