Your Eyes and Ears at the Nation's Capital

December Miracle Needed!

The Church is a sleeping giant that needs to wake up before its too late!

What could be worse than an influx of ISIS terrorists entering the United States, or, the predicted economic implosion happening? The most devastating threat to the nation is the serious loss of our historic freedoms. Liberty Institute’s President Kelly Shackelford observes that “with each passing week, the United States is edging precariously closer to the unthinkable, a tangible and serious loss of our historic freedoms. In the last two years alone, there’s been an over 133 percent increase in attacks on religious freedom in the United States.”

Shackelford says that if people will stand and fight for their freedoms, they usually win. No one should be forced to choose between strongly held religious beliefs and his or her livelihood, especially not in a nation with such a rich spiritual heritage. We have the right to exercise our deeply held beliefs without undue government interference, legislative maneuvering and state-fueled public derision. Nevertheless, “We the People” must decide whether we are going to stand up against undue censorship, the dismantling of our heritage, and efforts that give the state the ability to force us to leave our God-given liberties at the door of the public square—our places of business, our barracks, schools and government entities. It is our choice and it is time to make a bold declaration to the halls of power and to do so with a unified voice.

America’s Founders debated and intentionally established our government based on Judeo-Christian beliefs. They understood Christianity provided the only valid moral basis that would secure freedom for all Americans. These principles—embedded in the Constitution, but increasingly discarded to the curb of cultural or political convenience—were written to help ensure the “public square” remained neutral ground, where every voice was heard and every citizen was free to advocate for his or her position. Our Founders were confident that in the marketplace of ideas, truth would always win out in a free society.

The increased persecutions against Christianity across the land is stirring people of faith to get on their knees interceding for the soul of the nation:

  1. We see religious freedoms being stripped since Obamacare became law and the Supreme Court redefined marriage. Christians in the marketplace are being persecuted for their faith and military chaplains are being court-martialed for exercising their religious beliefs.
  2. Obamacare (PPACA) provides for abortion and demands employers comply; denying their First Amendment right to opt out for religious convictions. Our society must stop the diabolical selling of aborted baby parts.
  3. Complacency says, “We don’t want to stop Bible prophecy from happening.” However, as long as the Church is here, we are instructed to restrain evil (2 Thes. 2:7). Those who are transforming America into their own image are working to remove the light from this ‘city on the hill,’ and they must be restrained.


We begin the month of December with a goal of receiving $11,500 by the end of 2015. This amount covers a $6,000 deficit and the remainder is needed to cover the cost of media marketing and publishing. It will also help us to reintroduce the Ten Commandments legislation in the House and Senate. Our Embassy foot soldiers volunteer their service to help represent Christians at the nation’s capital, making it possible for us to do much with little.

Our 2016 mission includes stirring up the Body of Christ enough to return the “People’s House to the People.” This is only possible through prayer and action!!

The current battle for the ‘soul of America’ is the greatest we have ever experienced. Together we can make an “Appeal to Heaven” for America’s future. With God’s help, we will succeed, but we’re facing a critical December deadline, and we ask you to pray about a generous end-of-the-year donation.

Visit our website to donate. www.embassyforworldpeace.org

Visit us on Facebook.


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