Your Eyes and Ears at the Nation's Capital

Challenging Genocide

There can be no room for any kind of apology that defends or justifies extreme behavior against humanity. The practice, promotion, and toleration of the intentional killing of civilians should be vigorously challenged. Unopposed, extremists will continue to carry out crimes against humanity ranging from indiscriminate attacks against civilians on their own soil to ethnic cleansing and outright genocide in other parts of the world.

Denial is the biggest obstacle to defeating Islamist extremism, which is the greatest security threat the world faces today and the greatest struggle of our generation and likely the next generation to come. A problem cannot be remedied while it remains undefined and failing to identify Islamism by its name guarantees defeat.

Call it what it is. Muslims have carried out genocide for centuries. The Turks committed genocide against Armenians at the turn of the last century. There used to be a large Jewish and Christian population on the Arabian Peninsula, now Saudi Arabia. They’re not there today—they have been exterminated or forced to leave over the centuries under Islam. Muslims throughout Africa and Asia continue to carry out genocide. Why? The Koran teaches followers of Islam to kill and destroy the ‘infidels’ (non-Muslims). This is what their prophet did and true followers of Islam want to emulate their prophet.


Open Doors USA, a persecution watchdog group, has warned that world governments simply condemning attacks against Christians, such as the one on Easter Sunday in Pakistan where 73 people were killed, is not enough to save lives.

“Right now few leaders are offering more than condolences after major attacks on Christians,” David Curry, CEO of Open Doors, told the Daily Beast. “They need to go to the countries, meet with its leaders and people to find bipartisan ways to protect Christians and promote religious freedom to all.”

The persecution of Christians has reached its highest level in modern history, with the rise of radical Islam being one of the very top threats to Christian lives and freedom.

“It’s going to continue, because all of the factors that drove the persecution of Christians into these regions are still in place, and they are gaining power. There are 43 groups around the world who have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, and I think you’re going to see an expansion of these splinter cells persecuting Christians, because that is their stated goal,” Curry told Christian Post.


World leaders must lead the way to clarify the distinction between Islam, the religion, and Islamism, the ideology. Islam, like any other religion, is a set of ideas, and if some of those ideas are harmful and antithetical to our values, which is something we need to talk about, even if some people may find it offensive.

The West was naïve thinking it could stay out of events of such scale and magnitude such as the Arab Spring, which began first with Tunisia in 2010 and advanced throughout the Arab nations. We live in an extremely interdependent world, where we cannot turn our backs on conflicts within other countries if we want still to be secure.

Peaceful Muslims need to come out of fear and denial and begin to condemn radical attacks in the name of Allah. By saying that such attacks are not Islam, or that the terrorists are not that many, or by using popular hashtags, means very little to the non-Muslim who has just lost his friends and family in an attack.

Muslims need to show they are not foreigners and want to live together in peace. They need to integrate and speak up. They need to be the loud ones representing Islam, instead of the terrorists or extremists.

Resources: The Clarion Project, Open Doors USA

Visit us on Facebook and our Website:  www.embassyforworldpeace.org


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