Your Eyes and Ears at the Nation's Capital

Hope and a future for American liberty!

ABC News has reported that the evangelical voter turnout was the largest in U.S. history. The unified prayer movement that prevailed over this election is greater than any in our nation’s history. Let’s continue to fan the flames of this movement to ignite spiritual awakening in America. We cannot go back to sleep again. As the Church goes, so goes the nation! 

Join together in giving God the glory for this remarkable, dramatic turn of events.

This election was not a choice about party lines, or between a man and a woman. It was about the choice between restoration over corruption. The “basket of deplorables” made it very clear they were not going to take corruption or excessive bureaucracy anymore. Trump is making a call to “reclaim our country’s destiny.”

Trump’s win stunned the world, ending eight years of Democratic rule, sending the United States on a new path. Exit polls conducted by Edison Research indicate the country is more divided than we thought. They reflect deep racial, gender, economic and cultural divides across the nation.

President-elect Donald Trump said it was time to heal the divisions caused by the campaign and find common ground.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted a short video on YouTube and Facebook Wednesday afternoon congratulating US President-elect Donald Trump on his electoral victory. The PMO issued a statement saying that Netanyahu and Trump are looking forward to a warm and productive relationship in the months and years to come.

Some countries of the Middle East are looking for America to be an ally. They are looking for America to lead the peoples of the Middle East.

Pray for unity and for the country to bind the wounds of division. Trump and his administration need all the help and prayers they can get—given the many challenges we face as a nation. We pray for the success of our country and of our new president.

President Obama has a huge agenda for his final days in office. Washington insiders report that he is plotting to abandon Israel, and make numerous unconstitutional Executive actions that will undermine the law.

Attorney General Lynch could be in office for months during the transition. FBI Director Comey has seven more years in office. Pray for Congress to impeach Comey to restore trust in our system of justice.

Pray for the “Checks and Balances” to return to the three Executive branches of our government. Pray for righteous justice in the federal court system.

Pray for the healing and rebuilding of America. We must not slack off in prayer, but double down. 

Pray for all public officials to move in the sevenfold Spirit of Isaiah 11:2-3: Wisdom, Counsel, Understanding, Strength, Knowledge, Courage and Might. Pray that they will govern in Godliness and Holy fear.

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