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True Facts About President Trump’s Immigration Policy

Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council posted “Making America Safe Again” on January 30, 2017. We share it with you for clarity and ask you to pray against the rise of ANARCHY through the progressive left.

At the start of the weekend, President Trump was busy doing what President Trump does — making things happen.

In an executive order on Friday, Trump limited travel to the U.S. by citizens of seven countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. Making good on a promise to increase national security and prevent future terrorist attacks within our borders, the president suspended the issuance of visas for these nationals for the next 90 days because of the prominence of jihadi violence within their borders. Along with a variety of other measures, the order also brought scrutiny on the process for immigrants and visitors from any nation by creating a temporary hold on any refugee travel to the U.S.

Trump’s order also prioritizes the admission of persecuted religious minorities in the previous countries after the temporary ban is up, whether those refugees be Yazidi, Christian, or Muslim.

Trump has also ordered the Pentagon and the U.S. State Department to prepare a plan to create safe zones in Syria and the surrounding area within 90 days.

Predictably, the media and liberal politicians went crazy. Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) took to Twitter, vowing to fight the order “tooth and nail.” Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) issued a public statement that claimed “the Statue of Liberty…has tears in her eyes.”

As National Review pointed out, it was all sound and fury: “Trump’s 50,000 stands roughly in between a typical year of refugee admissions in George W. Bush’s two terms and a typical year in Obama’s two terms.” Not only was Trump’s order not a religious test for immigrant admission, but Trump significantly scaled back his original promises and is well within his legal right to do it.

While many want to simply talk about the matter, others are hard at work. International religious persecution is a problem Congressman Chris Smith (R-N.J.) has seen and worked on for years. Smith recently introduced the Iraq and Syria Genocide Emergency Relief and Accountability Act (H.R. 390) which requires the State Department to support entities servicing genocide survivors and also allows Christians and other genocide survivors to access the U.S. refugee review process without needing a UN referral. Concerning this issue, Congressman Smith said, “just last month I saw in Iraq the lack of humanitarian aid for Christian genocide survivors. These genocide survivors told me the United States and global community had abandoned them.” Those who wish to not only voice their concerns but get in the trenches can actively support this legislation and get busy to ensure it is passed.

While there is a pause in some areas of our immigration system right now, President Trump has promised security and a properly functioning refugee and immigration system — this result strikes a balance between security and compassion. Trump isn’t betraying American principles or values. While the refugee program should not be the focus of scrutiny (it is much more difficult for terrorists to come in through this program), other avenues of immigration are weak points which terrorists may exploit — and rightly should be scrutinized. There are reports of lawful permanent residents and U.S. military translators being held up too; clarity should be brought to why this is happening. While the order isn’t perfect, it does represent a fresh start for American security and our international friendships.

As a law enforcement officer, I worked on security and the preservation of justice. As a pastor, I work to bring God’s truths of love, justice, and mercy to those in my care. Neither can be neglected at the expense of the other. The best laws are those that preserve both.

(Pray for our leaders: 1 Timothy 2:1-2; Isaiah 11:2-3)

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Has America experienced a Nineveh reprieve?

It’s important for the body of Christ to properly discern the profound act of God’s grace that is being poured out upon the nation. During 2016 the Holy Spirit kept telling me to pray for a divine intervention for the nation! This election was God’s last chance for America to turn back to God and it would require His divine intervention. God has mightily blessed America, but we forgot Him. Hosea 13:6 describes our condition: “When I fed them, they were satisfied; when they were satisfied, they became proud; then they forgot me” (NIV).

If you look at the overall picture through a spiritual lens and exclude politics, the 2016 election result was a direct intervention by God in the affairs of men. Everyone was stunned by the flip in the final election result. WHY? For the first time ever, 82% of Christians voted against liberal policies. The Lord mobilized His people and they turned out to vote against abortion, Marxist political correctness and religious persecution. They voted against being pushed back behind the four walls of the Church.

God has intervened in answer to the people’s repentance – the same as when ancient Nineveh repented and was given a reprieve for 150 years. The evil agenda of the powerful elite to destroy democracy and the U.S. constitution has been pushed back.

The Lord spoke to me about 30 years ago during a time of travail for America. He spoke His heart, saying that He desires to send a Nineveh type revival to America. The Prophet Jonah had warned the people of Nineveh what would happen if they did not repent – In forty days Nineveh shall be overthrown in judgment. Nineveh repented and God relented of His judgment. Ancient Nineveh did not experience judgment until 150 years later when future generations forsook God.

Like Jonah, the prophets and watchmen of today are having a hard time with this new outpouring of GRACE. Pride was Jonah’s stumbling block after Nineveh repented. He was concerned about his reputation as a watchman.

Our prayers changed the nation. Something has changed in the spiritual realm! God has rolled back the clock, giving us more time. Judgment has been delayed. God has delayed the New World Order. Satan is having a hissy fit – demonstrating hate through liberal left and its media.

About a year ago, the Lord let me witness a brief SILENCE taking place in the heavenly realm. The Holy Spirit said that God was resetting the clock for end time events. The Lord told me He has heard the prayers of His people and He will intervene. There are two important reasons for such grace to be poured out upon a backslidden nation. First, the great harvest of souls about to come. Secondly, the Jewish nation of Israel needs America and the Church.

God’s timing is precise. According to the Hebrew calendar, 2017 is the 50th Jubilee year, which has historical significance for Israel. Jubilee years usually convey a blessing of God’s favor. In 1967, when Israel responded to its Arab neighbor’s attack; Israel made massive territorial gains capturing the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights and the Sinai Peninsula up to the Suez Canal. As 2017 begins, America and the Church are being granted a season of grace and truth as a significant Jubilee year begins.

Expect victories over the battles ahead, because the enemy will continue to retaliate such a great setback. Christians must hold the ground the Lord has given the nation, since we are guardians of the harvest.

This new season of GRACE means that TRUTH will once again prevail and we are watching evil being exposed and shaken to its core. WHY? Multitudes of souls are ready to be harvested:

‘Put in the sickle, for the harvest is ripe. Come, go down; for the winepress is full, the vats overflow—for their wickedness is great.’ Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the Lord is near in the valley of decision (Joel 3:13-14).

Stand and restrain evil for the light of God’s glory to prevail against the darkness (Isaiah 60:1-3). The Apostle Paul made reference to Christians restraining evil: 

For the mystery of lawlessness [rebellion against divine authority and the coming reign of lawlessness] is already at work; [but it is restrained] only until he who now restrains it is taken out of the way (2 Thessalonians 2:7, AMP).

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UN Security Council Censures Israel’s Right to their Land

On December 23rd, President Obama struck a powerful blow against Israel at the United Nations. He refused to have the U.S. veto the biased Security Counsel Resolution 2334 that singled out Israel for blame and declared illegal all Israeli construction in the lands it liberated in 1967. This led to a 14-to-0 approval by the U.N. of the resolution, which denies the legal validity of Israel’s West Bank and East Jerusalem settlements. The next feared action between now and January 20th, would be for the Obama administration to help the U.N. unilaterally declare a Palestinian State.

This is the very first time the United States has refused to use its U.N. veto power to protect the interests of Israel, marking a dramatic change in the relationship between the two nations. In one day alone, the General Assembly adopted ten resolutions singling out Israel. Two of those used verbatim the anti-Semitic language from resolutions passed this fall by the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) that actually deny Jewish historic and religious ties to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Another resolution called for the immediate return to Syria of the Golan Heights, liberated by Israel during the Six-Day War in 1967. The resolution called it “occupied territory.” So, while Syrian president Bashar Assad makes war against his own citizens, the General Assembly was focused on returning the Heights to this corrupt and murderous maniac.

Israel’s leaders are furious and frustrated with the double betrayal from the Obama administration after vetoing UN Security Council Resolution 2334 that basically says all of Judea, Samaria and biblical [“East”] Jerusalem is illegally occupied by Israel. Afterward, an arrogant Secretary of State Kerry lectured Israel in a speech filled with false facts.

The resolution, which President Obama refused to veto, called Jewish homes in parts of Jerusalem and biblical Judea and Samaria illegal under international law, a move that reversed years of U.S. policy on the matter. This is fatal because it subjects anyone involved with the Jewish settlements to the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court and could open the door to prosecutions against individual Israelis.

The U. S. Congress is threatening to strip the United Nations of funding following an anti-Israel resolution that condemns the Jewish state as an obstacle to peace in the Middle East. Contact

The incoming Trump administration would have to threaten such economic consequences to the U.N. and the 14 other countries that supported this resolution that it would bring the U.N. to its knees.

Please pray for Israel’s leaders to have the wisdom for how to respond, knowing that Scripture reveals that at some stage all nations will come against Jerusalem and Judea (Zechariah 12:2-3).

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