Your Eyes and Ears at the Nation's Capital

Trump is not the Gipper, but the Reagan Era is not over!

America must restore its lead in world affairs. Trump’s ‘America first’ does not mean ‘America only.’ Apparently some understood candidate Trump quite differently, and they are not happy with his overseas actions. The reality is that the world needs a strong America, which means we must put our own interests first. In doing so, we will be able to help the rest of the world.

America has a moral duty to remind the tyrants of this world that they cannot act with impunity. This present world is facing greater dangers than any time in recent memory. With all the tension buildup against Israel and Jerusalem, 2017 might be the year for a confrontation from Syria, Russia and Iran. The ultimate motive is the focus on Jerusalem. 

Newly elected President Trump faces the dual threat of nuclear war in Asia and the Middle East. The prospect of a conflict with Russia and Iran in the epicenter brings us closer to fulfilling the biblical prophecies that these two powers will one day lead a coalition of nations that will invade Israel. Two wars are prophesied in Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17, which describes Damascus as being reduced to a “ruinous heap.” Sounds like Assad’s chemical weapons might cause his own destruction. The heinous chemical attacks the Bashar al-Assad regime committed against their own people, are a result of the Obama administration’s weakness and irresolution.

A larger major war against Israel is prophesied at a later time in Ezekiel 38 & 39, in which God will judge and diminish Islam along with Russia. This could free up Israel to build their long-awaited third temple on the Temple Mount. These wars against Israel will not be Armageddon, but they will dramatically change the world order and set the stage for the antichrist and Armageddon.

The increased anti-Semitism and divestment of Israel is a sign that the nations will forsake Israel and challenge their right to claim Jerusalem as their capital. As 2016 ended, the nations were focused on Jerusalem, demanding that it be divided and made the capital of a Palestinian State. In December 2016, President Obama made the fatal mistake of voting against Israel’s legitimacy at the United Nations. His decision to betray Israel went against the U.S. Congress and the American people. Donald Trump’s presidency now gives the United States the opportunity to mend this disloyal act against Israel and Jerusalem! Governor Nikki Haley, Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations, is working hard to reverse anti-Semitism towards Israel.

As these world dangers intensify — just as the Bible predicts — so does the urgency to understand the hope that provides all believers peace in the midst of these dark times: the promise of the Lord’s soon return! Regardless, Jesus commanded His disciples to “occupy until I return.” Even so, come, Lord Jesus! (Rev. 22:20)

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem!

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