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Israel accepts Egypt’s ceasefire plan: Hamas answers with rockets!

(Washington, D.C.) – Early this morning, the Israeli security cabinet voted to accept Egypt’s cease fire proposal. Hamas leaders responded by firing a barrage of 47 rockets at Israel just as the Israelis stopped their combat operations.

Egypt proposed a cease-fire between Israeli and Palestinian militant forces in Gaza to go into effect on Tuesday, July 15th.  Senior Israeli government sources say Hamas’ rejection clears the way for Israel to launch new attacks against the terrorists in Gaza. They also say it provides broad international legitimacy for Israel’s defensive efforts because Israel is being seen by world leaders as reasonable while Hamas is clearly the aggressor.

Netanyahu has ordered Israeli air strikes to recommence. Now the question is whether he and his security cabinet will decide a major ground operation is necessary and wise.

Yaakov Amidror, a former national security adviser to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, states that Hamas still has almost 90 percent of their rocket supply left. 

Ron Proser, Israeli ambassador to the U.N., explained the difference between Israel’s actions and Hamas’ tactics. “Israel is using precision strikes to avoid harming civilians, but Hamas is exploiting our concern for human rights by hiding in Palestinian homes, schools and mosques and using a Palestinian hospital as the headquarters,” Proser told CBN News.

Netanyahu warned the operation to rid Hamas of its ability to fire rockets may take a long time.Some analysts believe Israel’s military campaign also sends a signal to Iran. The IDF’s massive air campaign may be showing Tehran, it is capable of mounting the same kind of large-scale air campaign necessary to destroy its nuclear infrastructure. While Western leaders might be willing to tolerate a nuclear Iran, Israel knows the Islamic Republic, with its nuclear weapons, poses an existential threat to the Jewish state.

We are praying Psalm 35 for Israel and the people. Please keep praying for an effective end to the conflict soon. Pray especially for those Palestinian families in Gaza who have been traumatized by Hamas’ rocket war, and are caught in the crossfire. Continue to pray for calm to be restored soon – so much pain and so much damage has been caused by this latest conflict so far.

Prophetic implications of today’s Israeli-Arab conflict:

Many of today’s top Bible scholars believe the present Israeli–Arab conflict is the conflict outlined in Psalm 83, and is the war which precedes Ezekiel 38 & 39; the coming Russian-Iranian led confederate invasion of Israel commonly called the Gog of Magog Invasion. The reason Psalm 83 is distinguished as a separate prophecy is that the Arab nations are largely absent from Ezekiel 38. Psalm 83:7 refers to the inhabitants of Tyre – who appear to be today’s Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon. Today’s conflict has been underway since 2006, involving Arab Palestinians, Hamas, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Syrians, Saudis, Al-Qaeda, and Jordanians. Bible prophecy indicates that Israel’s borders will be enlarged, its prosperity will increase, and its national stature will be enhanced. Israel will ultimately become a superpower in the MidEast. This will eventually provoke Russia and Iran to lead another coalition of nations who will come from the north to take a spoil, (Ezekiel 38:10-17).

Note: Hamas and Hezbollah are proxy terrorist armies of Iran. Syria supports Iran by getting rockets and supplies to both terror groups.

Compiled by Ruth Schofield

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The Two Sides of the War: Background of the Israeli – PLO Conflict

Since Israel and the PLO signed the Declaration of Principles in 1993, Hamas has perpetrated more than 80 suicide attacks, murdering some 1,000 Israelis. Ever since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, Hamas has used the territory as a staging ground for rocket attacks, launching over 9,000 rockets and 5,000 mortar bombs. Today, Hamas possesses over 10,000 rockets that threaten 40% of the Israel’s population.

Long-range Iranian-made missiles are being used by Hamas.  In 2014, the IDF captured the Iranian weapons ship Klos-C with its Syrian-made M-302 missiles, which was only the tip of the iceberg of Iran’s involvement in supplying Hamas organizations in Gaza. Despite Iran’s tension with Hamas stemming from the Syrian crisis, recently the ties between Iran and Hamas have been renewed, with the former supporting Hamas’ attacks against Israel.

Why after nine years since Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip and handed full control over to the PA, has the Palestinian leadership not turned Gaza into a model of freedom and opportunity, rather than a place of such suffering and sadness and a base camp for terrorism? Why did Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) recently make a peace agreement with Hamas, a terrorist organization affiliated with the Radicals of the Muslim Brotherhood?

What about the moderate Palestinians who do not want war but seek peace? We do not see their leaders making wise choices to help their people. Rather, we see the Palestinians in Gaza as sheep without a shepherd, feeling harassed and helpless. Both sides are caught in the crossfire, and we should even have more compassion, as we watch the current crisis unfold. We are deeply concerned for Israeli civilians, especially those who live in the south and on the Lebanon border which is now under fire. As Christians, we need to find ways to bless and care for both sides.

Prayer is a beginning. As people who love Christ and care about the people of the epicenter, we must start by praying for peace. However,  let us not stop there. Now, more than ever, we need to be seeking peace in the epicenter. Because people on both sides are suffering, and God loves the Arabs and the Jews. “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” (Psalm 122:6).

The Bible is clear that governments are instituted by God to establish justice and protect people from all enemies, foreign and domestic. So followers of Christ should pray for all people to be governed by honest leaders who can establish safety, security and environment of hope, growth and opportunity. This is all part of our Biblical commitment to seeking peace, making peace, and not letting ourselves become cynical when peace is disrupted.

Compiled by Ruth Schofield

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In Support of Israel

We have received reports from several news sources inside Israel. This one is from Joel Rosenberg (author and Middle East expert):

Washington, D.C., July 8, 2014 – The security situation in southern Israel is deteriorating rapidly. We need to be praying without ceasing.

Last month, Palestinian extremists kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teenage boys. Then, a few days ago, Jewish extremists kidnapped and murdered an Arab teenage boy, apparently burning him alive. Meanwhile, Palestinian extremists in Gaza began firing rockets at Jewish and Arab civilians in southern Israel. More than 220 rockets have been fired at Israel by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza since July 1st. Then in just 24 hours, over 130 rockets were fired at Israel, including Tel Aviv.

At one point, they were coming in at about one per minute, (fortunately, Israel’s “Iron Dome” system is shooting down many of them.) The Israeli Air Force is striking Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza, and this morning Prime Minister Netanyahu and his government authorized “Operative Protective Edge” to ratchet up attacks on the terrorists in Gaza. The IDF is calling up 40,000 reservists for a possible massive ground invasion of Gaza.

•  Pray for the Lord to restore calm on the Israeli/Gaza border. 

•  Pray for Palestinian leaders and security forces to move decisively to arrest those committing these war crimes, firing at innocent civilians. 

•  Pray for Israeli leaders to have wisdom to know how best to protect their citizens (hopefully an invasion of Gaza won’t be needed).

•  Pray for safety for Israelis and Palestinians caught in the crossfire. 

•  Pray for the Lord to comfort people on both sides, reveal His Word to them, and draw them to Himself.

Posted by Ruth Schofield, Embassy for World Peace, Washington, D.C. http://www.embassyforworldpeace.org

This is what we are praying in Washington, DC:

As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the LORD surrounds His people from this time forth and forever. –Psalm 125:2

Psalm 35:  A Prayer for Divine Intervention

1 [O Lord,] Plead our cause with those who strive to destroy us;

Fight against those who fight against us.

2 Take hold of shield and buckler, and stand up for our help.

3 Also draw out the spear, and stop those who pursue us.

Let the people say, “[The Lord] is our salvation.”

4 Let those be put to shame and brought to dishonor

who seek to destroy our Godly heritage and sovereignty.

Let those be turned back and brought to confusion

Who plot this nation’s destruction.

5 Let them be like chaff before the wind,

And let the angel of the Lord chase them.

6 Let their way be dark and slippery,

And let the angel of the Lord pursue them.

7 For without cause they have hidden their net for us in a pit,

Which they have dug without cause for our destruction.

8 Let destruction come upon our enemies unexpectedly,

And let the net that they have hidden for us, catch them;

Into that very destruction let them fall.

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Shana Tova—Happy Rosh Hashanah

On September 17th, the shofars sounded the beginning of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. Every year, the trumpets announce the beginning of the High Holy Days on the Jewish calendar, leading up to the Day of Atonement. The predominant theme of Rosh Hashanah is repentance; ten Days of Awe when pious Jews devote themselves to solemn introspection and self-evaluation. A good thing for Christian believers to do as well.

 Sadly, this year the shofars are also sounding a warning—just as they did in Old Testament days to alert the people of danger and call them into battle. As Israelis celebrate the new year, they are also preparing for war. They desperately and urgently need our help and prayers right now; while the Middle East is on fire and Muslim protesters are burning USA and Israeli flags in cities around the world.

 It is important for Christians to understand their Jewish roots. Our Hebrew roots are part of the church’s DNA. The believer’s relationship with the nation of Israel is deeper than showing compassion toward the Jewish people; or obeying scripture to bless Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

 In John chapter 15, Yeshua explained that all believers are engrafted into the Vine of Israel. The root of the vine is unseen, as our life is hidden in Christ. Jesus Christ is the root of the vine and all believers are branches of this vine. The holy root bears the tree. (Romans 11:16-18) 

 So, how do we learn about our Jewish roots? The truth unfolds in Scripture. Observing Rosh Hashanah is just one example, and we can begin with the first ten days of the New Year:

 The Hebrew calendar parallels with biblical events in the Word of God. The world adopts  the Gregorian calendar, which is a modification of the earlier Julian calendar. Still, many Christian believers have adopted the Hebrew calendar, rejecting modifications from the original biblical celebrations in the early church.

 The Hebrew calendar parallels with biblical events in the Word of God. For example, history indicates that Christ was born on September 11 on the celebration of Rosh Hashanah. Joseph had to return to his home town of Bethlehem for the Roman census, and Mary gave birth to Jesus as soon as they arrived. The Magi arrived in Bethlehem later on December 25, 2 BC, bearing gifts for the new Hebrew king. After the visit of the Magi, Joseph and Mary fled to Egypt, after being warned by an angel in late December, 2BC. Study more….  

 The celebration of Christmas, or Christ’s mass, was initiated by the Roman Emperor Constantine in the 5th year of Rome’s reign. By the early 4th Century, the Western Christian Church placed the birth of Christ on December 25, which was later adopted in the East.

 We do not have time to explain all the celebrations here, but we encourage you to seek your Jewish roots without becoming “legalistic” under the Mosaic Law. The Apostle Paul warned against believer’s returning to this bondage. As we celebrate holy days in the modern Church, we should eliminate paganism like the Easter bunny and Santa Claus which are not biblical. In John’s Revelation, Yeshua censored several of the seven churches for mixing their faith with paganism and idolatry.

 Christians should follow scripture and celebrate the Hebrew feasts because they parallel New Testament biblical events. For instance, Christ’s death on the cross occurred on Passover AD 31 during the time of the high sacrifice in the Temple. So, Passover becomes two celebrations that parallel. The deliverance of the Hebrew nation under Moses who escaped the last plague over Egypt, the death of the first born. Israel was set free from over 400 years of servitude in Egypt. For the Church, Passover celebrates the death and resurrection of the Son of God, the Messiah, who set them free from sin and eternal death.  Study more……

The Feast of Pentecost was when the Holy Spirit came upon the New Testament believers with Christ’s promised Baptism of Fire in the upper room….. And, there are many more!!

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