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Washington Officials Need to Hear from YOU on Securing our Borders and Tax Reform!

The flow of illegal drugs coming across the U. S. southern border begs for a wall to stop drug cartels from smuggling billions of dollars of drugs onto America’s streets. In areas where a wall already exists has proven to keep out illegal aliens.

Hal Lindsey accurately described the situation in his recent blog:

Lindsey wrote, “The world staggers like a drunk on the edge of a cliff.” It desperately needs a strong — and moral — America for stability. But, even more than that, it needs God’s help and intervention as never before. 

So does America. The Washington Post reports that because Seattle is experiencing an epidemic of drug overdoses, it is creating “safe sites for addicts to inject illegal drugs.”

Remember the drug craze of the late 60s? In 1968, we were horrified that 5,000 Americans died of drug overdoses.

In 2015, 52,000 Americans died of drug overdoses. No media outcry. Only yawns and sexual harassment lawsuits.

The Bible expressly predicts that one of the distinct signs of the end times will be a dramatic increase in drug use and our dependence on drugs.

In 2011, the Global Commission on Drug Policy declared that the famous “war on drugs” had failed. Today, there are popular television series in which the hero or heroes model drug dependency for their young viewers.

Accepting drug abuse means thousands of young people will die every year who need not have died. It also means the destruction of families and will ultimately lead to the death of our stable society.” 

The U.S. Congress is the VOICE of the people: 

Your elected representatives and senators in Washington, D.C. need to hear from you, or they will vote according to their own political view. If you support President Trump’s promise to build a wall on the southern border, then your elected Members of Congress need to hear how you feel.

If you support the proposed tax reform package President Trump just sent to Congress, call your representatives and senators and tell them to vote YES on tax cuts.  

A statement from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and other top GOP lawmakers said: “The principles outlined by the Trump Administration today will serve as critical guideposts for Congress and the Administration as we work together to overhaul the American tax system and ensure middle-class families and job creators are better positioned for the 21st century economy.”

For those who are concerned the tax cuts would presumably represent billions in lost revenue every year — the plan will expand income from small businesses, which will help reduce the deficit. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin also called for a one-time tax on corporate money overseas, predicting it would bring trillions of dollars back to the U. S. It also eliminates most tax breaks that benefit high-income taxpayers. At the same time, popular tax breaks like the mortgage interest and charitable deductions would be preserved. The plan would also eliminate the estate tax that Republicans often deride as the ‘death tax’ and the 3.8 percent tax on investment income under ObamaCare. 

Congressional leaders say an underlying goal is to simplify the tax system, noting that the increase in the standard deduction would mean far fewer households would have to itemize their deductions.

Sources: “Watchman Warning” on www.hallindsey.com; Fox News, Trump team proposes ‘massive’ tax cuts in new reform plan

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This Spring at the High Court

Confirmation Hearings Of Supreme Court Justice

The Senate Judiciary Committee held the first markup on Judge Gorsuch earlier today. A final vote in Committee as well as a vote on the Senate floor is expected the week of April 3rd. Religious Liberty experts believe the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch will prove to be a positive step for First Amendment Rights.

Prayer In The Air Force Prevails

“A group dedicated to preserving the religious freedom of military chaplains is commending the United States Air Force for ignoring a complaint from an anti-Christian organization demanding that it stop allowing chaplain prayers at an Air National Guard base in New Hampshire.”

Chaplains To Army: Cease Training That Assaults Biblical Beliefs

“Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty has sent a letter to the acting Secretary of the Army regarding the outgoing Secretary of the Army’s decision to sign a directive just hours before his resignation that wastes valuable resources on a plan to provide ‘training on implicit or unconscious bias.'”

Supreme Court To Hear Case Relating To Faith-Based Hospitals

“Status: U.S. Supreme Court granted review, to hear case Spring 2017. The legal campaign against faith-based hospitals began in 2013. In 2016 three of the cases were appealed to the Supreme Court, while almost a hundred more are waiting in lower courts across the country. On August 15, 2016, Becket filed a friend-of-the-court brief at the Supreme Court supporting the hospitals and their right to freely exercise their religious-based mission to provide compassionate and excellent healthcare according to their faith. In December 2016, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the cases in the spring of 2017.”

The Countdown Begins To The Trinity Lutheran Playground Case At The Supreme Court

“Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia v. Pauley is one of the most important religious liberty cases before the U.S. Supreme Court in years. This case is about a religious preschool that was rejected from a state program that provides reimbursement grants to purchase rubberized surface material (tire scraps) for children’s playgrounds. The preschool was ultimately denied the grant for its playground solely because the playground belongs to a religious organization.” The case will be argued on April 19, less than six weeks away.

UPDATE: Marine’s Religious Freedom Case Could Be Precedent-Setting

Lance Corporal (LCpl) Monifa Sterling is a Marine who was court-martialed for posting a Bible verse in her work space. Her case was appealed to the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF), asking the Court to protect her right to post a Bible verse as a form of religious exercise. On October 28, the CAAF agreed to hear the case, and oral arguments were held on April 27, 2016. On August 10, 2016, the CAAF issued an opinion ruling against Sterling. Now she is waiting for the Supreme Court to decide whether or not it will review the case. The earliest date the court could agree to take the case is May 2017.

Undeniable: The Survey Of Hostility To Religion In America

For anyone who thinks religious discrimination is non-existent in America, the attorneys at First Liberty Institute have a different story. First Liberty announced the release of Undeniable: The Survey of Hostility to Religion in America (2016). It is available online here, free of charge.

Source:  Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation

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Weep with those who weep!

Early Sunday morning, in what is now being called the “deadliest mass shooting in US history,” a radicalized Islamic jihadist who pledged allegiance to ISIS, entered a Orlando gay nightclub and opened fire on patrons, killing what is now believed to be about 50 people, and injuring 53. The shooter is among the deceased. The FBI has assured Orlando residents that there is no further threat to their safety.

Florida Family Policy Council President and General Counsel John Stemberger has released the following statement in response to this horrible tragedy:

“The people shot by the Islamic jihadist were sons and daughters, mothers and fathers. They were citizens and workers. They were precious souls. Most importantly they were people who were made in the image and likeness of God himself. They were image bearers of the Creator and worthy of dignity, value, and respect. 

This is an unspeakable tragedy and we should take extended time to mourn, to pray for the families of those murdered and injured, and to consider the depth of evil in the hearts of men that this senseless act represents. Finally, we should also pray for and support law enforcement as they investigate and bring to justice all persons involved.”

First Baptist Church of Orlando is holding a citywide prayer service Tuesday, June 14 at 7 p.m. The church is using the hashtag #LoveOrlando to spread the message across social media. Dr. David Uth, senior pastor at First Baptist Orlando stated, “And I believe the body of Christ is called upon now to demonstrate his love for all people. One of our core values is all people matter to God, and they matter to us.”

Uth said he welcomes the prayers of the body of Christ. “It will be an evening to pray for the community and certainly the families of the victims,” Uth said, referring to Tuesday’s prayer service. “But also we are remembering Christina Grimmie and her family because she was the one killed that began the weekend of violence here in Orlando. And so we don’t want to leave her out because she was a strong believer, and her family will be here with us tomorrow night as well,” he said.

A gunman shot and killed the 22-year-old former finalist of NBC’s “The Voice” at a Florida concert venue before killing himself during a struggle with Grimmie’s brother.

“So I’ve heard from the body of Christ in so many places, and what I would say is pray that the love of Jesus be manifested among his people,” Uth continued. “And that the takeaway is that what evil wanted to do, God took and glorified his Name. And so, pray that for us as we serve our Lord in these very difficult times in Orlando.”

Unfortunately, these modern-day Islamic jihadists have one war cry. They want to exterminate all infidels — Gay and straight, Christian and Jew.

Senator Ted Cruz made this comment: “We need a commander-in-chief who will speak the truth, and who will unleash the full force and fury of the American military to utterly destroy ISIS and its affiliates,” said Cruz. “We need to pass the Expatriate Terrorist Act, so that known ISIS terrorists cannot use U.S. passports to return to America and wage jihad. We need a President who is serious – who will identify the enemy by name and do everything necessary to defeat it.”

Join with praying Christians across the nation, and ask the Lord to send a spiritual awakening and revival to America. Also, contact your members of Congress and demand they pass the Expatriate Terrorist Act.

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A Prophet Speaks — Holding America’s Leaders Accountable!!

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn has called out President Barack Obama and Supreme Court justices for overruling “the rulings of the Most High” regarding marriage.

The author of The Harbinger and The Mystery of the Shemitah made the remarks during a pointed speech and powerful prayer on Capitol Hill at the “Washington: A Man of Prayer” annual event on April 27th. (This message was also given on National Day of Prayer on Capitol Hill.)

“The last time we gathered here on this hill was the day after the Supreme Court heard the case to decide the future of marriage in this nation,” Cahn recalled in the speech. “Two months after we gathered here, America’s highest court struck down the order of God, and the day on which it did was the 9th of Tammuz, the ancient day of mourning that commemorates the day that Israel’s hedge of protection was removed, and the approach of judgment.”

“And so it must be asked this day, ‘Supreme Court justices, where did you get the authority to overrule the rulings of the Most High?'” Cahn questioned. “And by what authority did you strike down the laws of the Almighty? You are neither the highest court nor the final authority. There is a Supreme Judge with a Supreme Justice that does not sleep forever.”

Cahn also questioned the actions of President Obama.

“And Mr. President when you assumed the office of your presidency, did you not lay your hand on the Word of God and swear before Him, ‘So help me, God’? And yet on the day that the Supreme Court struck down the order of God, you issued the order that the White House be illumined by the colors of the rainbow to celebrate that striking down,” Cahn said.

“Mr. President, by what authority did you take the sacred colors of God’s covenant, the colors of His throne, and the sign of His mercy in the face of judgment and turn them against the purposes of God and the Word of God on which you swore your oath?” he continued.

Cahn also compared America to ancient Israel in his speech.

“In the history of this world, only two civilizations came into existence on the solitary foundation that God’s calling and purpose was the reason. The first was Israel; the second was America,” he said. “But as ancient Israel turned away from her God and His ways, so, too, has America.”

“The city on the hill founded for the purpose and glory of God drew God out of its government, out of its culture, out of its public squares,” he continued. “It celebrated ungodliness and called evil good and good evil.”

“It lifted up the most innocent and helpless of its inhabitants and slaughtered them on the altars of self-obsession,” he said.

Cahn also described the United States as a place that has lost its moral compass.

“The city on the hill has grown darkened. It has forgotten the God of its foundation,” he said. “The temples of its culture have been expunged of His presence and are now filled with idols in His place.”

“It’s forgotten the warning that was embedded in the vision of the city on the hill,” he continued. “For it was also written and prophesied, ‘If our hearts shall turn away so we will not obey, but shall be seduced and worship other gods, our pleasures and our profits, and serve them, we shall surely perish.’ In other words, we will stand at the precipice of judgment.”

Cahn added, however, in spite of the ominous condition of the country, hope is found in God.

“And so we’ve come here to Capitol Hill this night because as long as God lives, there is hope,” he said. “And we here place our trust in that hope, and we declare that the good is stronger than the evil, the light will overcome the darkness.”

“We resolve that we will not yield to that darkness but will hold to the light, and we’ll lift up that light and shine that light into the darkness,” he continued. “We will stand against the night, and if the dark grows darker, we will shine yet brighter.”

“We have come to Washington, D.C., not to seek the agency of government, but the Agency of the Holy Spirit,” he said. “Not to lobby those who occupy high offices, but to beseech him who occupies the office of the Most High.”

Cahn also declared the need for revival.

“And not to invoke the authority of man, but to call forth the power of the Almighty for revival. For there is no other hope but revival, and we now commit ourselves to pray for that revival. And not only to pray for that revival  but by the power of God to live and walk in that revival,” he continued.

Cahn concluded his speech at the Capitol Hill event with his own stirring prayer.

“We have come to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to the God of Moses and the God of Elijah, to the God of the Red Sea and the Resurrection, to the God of the impossible. We have come to the throne of the Sovereign Almighty Living God of Israel, and we cry out, have mercy, have mercy, have mercy on this land!” he exclaimed.

“Lift up again your eyes upon this land and have mercy! Let your power again be seen in this nation! Let it fall upon the heartland! Let it fall upon the coastland! Let it fall upon the cities! Let it fall upon this capital!” he cried out to God.

“Let there be revival in this land! Let the lost be saved, and let the saved be revived! No matter what it takes, let there be revival in the land!” he continued.

“For the rock upon which this city on a hill was built is not politics, not economics and not the power of man. It is the Name of Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, Jesus the Messiah, the Name above all names, the only answer, the only hope, the only way that the city on a hill will again shine with a light of redemption, and once more be a praise and a glory in this earth, so help us God, Amen!” he exclaimed.

Rabbi Cahn is a Messianic Jewish believer who leads the Jerusalem Center/Beth Israel, a worship center just outside New York City.

Source: CBN News

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Tribute To A Legal Titan: Justice Antonin Scalia

“The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away.” The nation mourns the loss of a legal titan. Even liberals admired Justice Scalia’s humor, candor, and deep commitment to his country. He was a conservative hero driven by his Catholic faith and trust in the Constitution. In a 50/50 country, he was a veteran for the nation’s cultural war; one who struggled to protect the world’s longest-surviving Constitution. It was a fight to which Scalia gave 30 brave years.

President Obama deliberately chose not to attend Justice Scalia’s funeral. Refusing to attend the funeral does more than insult the memory of a life-long public servant. Many call it a failure to perform a basic presidential duty, shirking his responsibility to the nation.

The president and first lady Michelle Obama were among the more than 6,000 people who paid tribute to Scalia at the Supreme Court building on Friday. His casket rested on a funeral bier that first held President Abraham Lincoln’s casket after his assassination. Thousands of people paid their final respects on Saturday in a funeral Mass conducted by his son, Father Paul Scalia, at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington. Father Paul celebrated the conservative leader’s devotion to his faith and family.

The sudden death last weekend of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has caused a firestorm of concern and political divide in Washington and across the country. The danger to America if an Obama nominee is confirmed cannot be overstated. With less than a year remaining in Obama’s lame duck presidency, Senate Republican leaders have vowed to refuse to take action on any nominee that President Obama puts forward.

Republicans cannot let liberals do through the gavel what they could not do through the ballots. “Persuade your fellow citizens it’s a good idea and pass a law,” Justice Scalia once said. “That’s what democracy is all about.” And it is that same democracy that gives the people the right to choose, through their next president, who should take Scalia’s chair.

Some are speculating that President Obama, who quickly announced he will name a successor to Scalia “in due time,” might even try a recess appointment if his nominee is not confirmed.

For the Left, this is an opportunity to impose a liberal agenda on the nation for perhaps as many as 40 years. For the Right, it will determine whether conservatives will have the power to stop an agenda they believe is proving ruinous to the country — economically, legally and morally. The stakes could not be higher.

Justice Scalia summarized his constitutional philosophy in a May 2011 interview with California Lawyer magazine: “…..Legislatures enact things called laws. You don’t need a constitution to keep things up-to-date. All you need is a legislature and a ballot box. You don’t like the death penalty anymore, that’s fine. You want a right to abortion? There’s nothing in the Constitution about that. But that doesn’t mean you cannot prohibit it. Persuade your fellow citizens it’s a good idea and pass a law. That’s what democracy is all about. It’s not about nine superannuated judges who have been there too long, imposing these demands on society.”

Urge Your Senators Not To Rush Into Confirming A New Supreme Court Justice 

We are living in the middle of a holocaust of the unborn, and the President and his party have proven themselves committed to continuing it. Any Supreme Court Justice they back will also be committed in the same way. 

It will make a difference for you to call your own two US Senators and assure them that you will stand with them in this vital battle. If your senators are Democrats, insist that they allow the national elections to show which direction the American people want the Supreme Court to take.

The Constitution provides an important check on imperial executive power. The Senate is exercising that check right now by protecting the People’s rights in the electoral process on a generation-shaping decision: who replaces the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

A call to your U.S. senators today is a way to safeguard America, as we know it. Our future is in our hands at this moment, but we must act now.

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SCOTUS Will Review Obama’s Unconstitutional Policy

Can the President unilaterally “change the law”? In January 2016, the U.S. Supreme Court announced that it will consider a legal challenge to President Obama’s executive actions that aim to grant legal status and work permits to millions of illegal immigrants. Senator Orrin G. Hatch, the senior Republican in the U. S. Senate and a longtime member and former Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, lauded the decision and urged the Court to strike down the President’s unconstitutional policy.

“President Obama’s executive action is an affront to our system of republican self-government,” Hatch said. “The Constitution vests legislative authority in Congress, not the President. With his actions, President Obama has attempted to bypass the constitutionally ordained legislative process and rewrite the law unilaterally.

The Constitution is clear. The President is not a king. Yet President Obama directly violated the Constitution by imposing his lawless Executive action on immigration. He broke the law.

In 2014, Obama’s deferred action” program for undocumented immigrants is described as acting lawlessly and assuming legislative power. Numerous members of Congress believe “the Obama administration is driving full speed ahead to a constitutional crisis, tilting the scales of our three-branch government in his favor and threatening to unravel our system of checks and balances.” This sentiment was inflamed with President Obama’s “deferred action” program for undocumented immigrants. Much the same sentiment has been expressed nationwide since then, about Obama’s entry into a climate agreement with China, his promulgation of new regulations under the Clean Air Act, his decision to reopen relations with Cuba, and his designation of Alaska’s Bristol Bay as indefinitely protected from oil and gas drilling.

The Constitution’s separation of powers is also a balance of powers. While the president has broad powers as commander in chief, Congress has equally broad authority in its power of the purse and its exclusive grant of legislative powers. The Constitution gives Congress the authority to “make all Laws necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the…Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States.” In other words, Congress makes the rules, and the president executes them. Relative to detainees, the Constitution even gives Congress the explicit power to “make Rules concerning Captures on Land and Water.” Congress has done exactly that.

President Obama must avoid a constitutional crisis on closing Guantanamo. It is a legitimate exercise of congressional power to prevent the president from housing some of the world’s most dangerous terrorists on U. S. soil. This, emphatically, Congress can do.

A federal appeals court has temporarily blocked his illegal action and declared that President Obama “is not just rewriting the laws, he is creating them from scratch.” Key Members of Congress have filed a major amicus brief at the Supreme Court to defeat President Obama’s lawlessness.

Let your voice be heard. Contact your representatives and senators. The very fabric of our Constitution is at stake.

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Christian leaders threaten civil disobedience if SCOTUS redefines marriage!

“We will not obey.” That’s the blunt warning a group of prominent religious leaders is sending to the Supreme Court of the United States as they consider same-sex marriage. SCOTUS will announce their decision on June 30th.

“We respectfully warn the Supreme Court not to cross that line. We stand united together in defense of marriage. Make no mistake about our resolve.” Read (and sign) the pledge…..

Over 50,000 clergy sent a warning to the U. S. Supreme Court and any court that crosses the line on the issue of marriage. Their pledge appeared as a full page ad in the Washington Post. The signees are a who’s who of religious leaders including former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, former U. S. Senator Rick Santorum, National Religious Broadcasters president Jerry Johnson, Pastor John Hagee, and Franklin Graham, president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse.

They believe America is facing a real Constitutional crisis if the Supreme Court rules adversely from the biblical perspective on same-sex marriage. The institution of marriage is fundamental and it must be defended.

“Christians are being declared the lawbreakers when we are simply living by what we have always believed, and by a set of laws that the culture historically has agreed to,” Dr. James Dobson said. “There’s no doubt that LGBT activists are targeting Christian business owners.”

Religious leaders across the nation agree, “We have no choice. We cannot compromise our clear biblical convictions, our religious convictions.”

To be clear – the men and women who courageously signed this pledge did so knowing the hell storm that could be unleashed on them – and their families. Once same-sex marriage is elevated to the level of protected status – it will transform the face of society and will result in the “beginning of the end of Western Civilization.”

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Iran’s ballistic missile ability unveiled on Israel’s Eros-B satellite

Iran has apparently produced an intercontinental ballistic missile whose range far exceeds the distance between Iran and Israel, and between Iran and Europe.

On Wednesday, January 21st, Israel’s Channel 2 showed satellite imagery taken by Israel’s Eros-B satellite that was launched last April. The imagery showed new missile-related sites that Iran recently constructed just outside Tehran. One facility is a missile launch site, capable of sending a rocket into space or of firing an ICBM.

On the launch pad was a new 27-meter long missile, never seen before.

The missile and the launch pad indicate that Iran’s ballistic missile program, which is an integral part of its nuclear weapons program, is moving forward at full throttle. The expanded range of Iran’s ballistic missile program as indicated by the satellite imagery makes clear that its nuclear weapons program is not merely a threat to Israel, or to Israel and Europe. It is a direct threat to the United States as well.

Also on Wednesday, January 21st, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was invited to address a joint session of Congress by House Speaker John Boehner on February 11th. Boehner’s invitation to Netanyahu is more about National Security than politics.

The role of an Israeli leader is to adopt the policies that protect Israel, even when they are unpopular at the White House. Far from being ostracized for those policies, such an Israeli leader will be supported, respected, and relied upon by those who share with him a concern for what truly matters. 

With Obama’s diplomatic policy toward Iran enabling rather than preventing Iran from becoming a nuclear power, members of the House and Senate are seeking a credible, unwavering voice that offers an alternative path. For the past 20 years, Netanyahu has been the global leader most outspoken about the need to take all necessary measures to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power, not only for Israel’s benefit, but to protect the entire free world. From the perspective of the congressional leadership, then, inviting Netanyahu to speak was a logical move.

The sanctions bill that President Obama threatens to veto would only go into effect if Iran fails to sign an agreement. As long as negotiations progress, no sanctions would be enforced.

Obama’s message then is clear. Not only will the diplomatic policy he has adopted not prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons (and its ability to attack the US with nuclear warheads attached to an ICBM), but in the event that Iran fails to agree to even cosmetic limitations on its nuclear progress, it will suffer no consequences for its recalcitrance.

Boehner has invited Netanyahu to address US lawmakers regarding Iran’s nuclear program and the threat to international security posed by radical Islam and the need for sanctions against Iran.

Excerpts from Caroline Glick’s commentary:


Glick’s article was originally published in the Jerusalem Post:


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Answer the call as a watchman in Ezekiel 33:1-11. Pray for Israel, the United States and the free world. Warn those in your sphere of influence with the TRUTH. 

Prayer of Commitment:  “I stand as a Watchman on the Walls of Jerusalem, never holding my peace,
 never being silent,
 and giving him no rest
until he establishes and he makes Jerusalem a praise in all the earth” (Isaiah 62:6-7).

Pray for US leaders to act decisively with the help of the sevenfold spirit, described in Isaiah 11:1-4.

Pray against the enemies of Israel and the free world from Psalm 35.

Capitol Hill Hearing: Religious Accommodations in the Armed Services

(Overview of the discussion on the First Amendment right of conscience and religious beliefs: The line of defense is that military personnel and chaplains do not lose their first amendment rights when they are called to serve. Atheist Mikey Weinstein was present to defend his Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Weinstein’s argument is that non-religious people feel offended, coerced and proselytized by religion.)

In November, Members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus participated in a hearing on religious accommodations within the U. S. Military. It is well worth the time to listen to Members of the U.S. Congress defending religious freedom.  Click here to watch the Armed Services Committee hearing:

The hearing was the result of the “whiteboard” incident where an Air Force cadet was told to remove a scripture he posted. This incident resulted in rewriting the definition of religious freedoms in the military and for chaplains, which has not been fully instituted. The Founder and Co-Chair of the Prayer Caucus, Congressman Forbes, made some particularly meaningful statements at the 59:16 mark of the video.

The second part of the hearing was specifically supported by Congressional Prayer Caucus members who have taken a special interest in protecting the rights of our men and women in uniform. These soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and National Guard personnel are the heroes who risk their lives every day for the very freedoms we consider so sacred.

Rep. Lamborn, the Congressman representing Colorado’s fifth district where the US Air Force Academy is located in Colorado Springs, spearheaded an amendment to upgrade the National Defense Authorization Act, enhancing religious freedom protections for all service members. Representatives supporting the legislation clearly acknowledge the intent of the amendment is not focused on defending efforts to proselytize or coerce other service members, but to help ensure our dedicated military are not forced to violate or compromise their moral convictions at work or in their personal lives. The point being made that government cannot legislate the human conscience.

The need for such action has been precipitated by a relentless assault from individuals like Mikey Weinstein and his Military Religious Freedom Foundation, seeking to systematically eradicate almost every vestige of our Judeo-Christian heritage among the military community. Sadly, these attacks—often made in the name of liberty—in fact, are tangible steps that actually attempt to strip away real choices. This process results not in a freedom “of” religion, but a restriction “from” religion.

Even a casual review of history gives rise to hundreds of examples where government legislators, presidents, battle-tested generals and many others have staunchly expressed a profound dependence upon God and His providence during times of war and global conflict. Abraham Lincoln, who guided a war torn nation through some its darkest hours, expressed the following in a telegram, “Enough is known of army operations within the last five days to claim our especial gratitude to God; while what remains undone demands our most sincere prayers to, and reliance upon, Him, without whom, all human effort is vain.” 

Again, General George Patton, just prior to a campaign, looked heavenward and prayed, “God of our fathers, who by land and sea have ever led us to victory, please continue Your inspiring guidance in this the greatest of all conflicts. Grant to our armed forces that disciplined valor and mutual confidence which insures success in war. Let me not mourn for the men who have died fighting, but rather let me be glad that such heroes have lived. If it be my lot to die, let me do so with courage and honor in a manner which will bring the greatest harm to the enemy, and please, oh Lord, protect and guide those I shall leave behind. Give us the victory, Lord.

Statements such as these speak to the reality of men and women in combat when putting their lives on the line, are confronted with their own mortality and the potential of eternity before them, offering humble confession to a God they passionately believe in. This is not a government “establishing” religion or compelling worship. What nonsense! This is a freedom of expression. A right guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution. 

The Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation is on a mission to recruit an army of prayer warriors and collectively deploy our time, efforts and resources to safeguard America’s legacy as a Christian nation, including her core tenets of freedom. Together we must go on the offensive and take back ground from the determined few who want to hijack the freedoms for which so many have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

This message is provided by: The Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization established to protect religious liberty, preserve our nation’s spiritual foundation, and sustain the elected leaders who are uniting in prayer and calling the nation to action.

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What does the GOP “wave election” mean for America?

The election results are encouraging, not because a certain political party took control, but because of the many Christian candidates defending Biblical values sweeping into federal and state offices. The GOP made significant gains among minorities on Tuesday, but they need to do even better in 2016 if the radical tide is to be turned.

Voters turned out for their values. Voters turned out to push back radical efforts to attack the sanctity of life, the sanctity of natural marriage, religious freedom and deliberate actions to expand the federal government, to overspend and bankrupt the country. We need great leadership in Washington and our state capitals to make major reforms before it is too late. Voters spoke of the return of states’ rights over the nanny state.

We must pray they will govern the way they campaigned? Do they have the courage and patience to start turning the federal government in the right direction? Let us pray that they do, and let us work to keep their feet to the fire and make them accountable to the people.


Contra Media Narrative, Voters of Faith Still Matter

(Published on National Review Online)

“On Election Day, self-identified conservative Christians made up 32 percent of the electorate and voted 86 percent Republican and only 12 percent Democrat. These voters contributed an astonishing 52.4 percent of all the votes received by Republican candidates. This constituency, the largest and most vibrant in the electorate, is larger than the African-American vote, Hispanic vote, union vote, and gay vote combined. White Evangelicals, meanwhile, made up 23 percent of the electorate and voted 82 percent Republican and 18 percent Democratic, according to the survey. Glen Bolger of Public Opinion Strategies, commented on the findings. ‘Republicans rode the wave last night to stunning victories. Waves come from a committed base and a strong showing among swing voters,’ Bolger said. ‘Voters of faith — Protestant and Catholic — are the foundation of the GOP. Without their overwhelming support, there is no GOP majority. With their support, Republicans are celebrating a high tide in the U.S. Senate, House, and around the country.’”

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